Minya Governorate

Is one of the governorates of Egypt's important is gaining importance from its location midway between Upper Egypt and Cairo, and also for the content of the traces of different eras Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic ... the east by the Red Sea Hills to the west of Western Sahara, on the south by the governor of Assiut, and the North the province of Beni Suef, Minya Governorate ... extends along the length of the Nile River about 135 km .. 
An area of ​​about 32,279 square kilometers and a population of around 3.686 million a breeze ... 

In the Pharaonic era used to worship the god (Thoth) The god of wisdom and knowledge, and in the Coptic era built the Church of Our Lady .. 
The evolution of the name of al-Minya of the word hieroglyphics (banned), the owner of the old name (banned Cheops), who was mentioned in the inscriptions of graves Beni Hasan is the name of breastfeeding King (Cheops), then the evolution of the name to "Monie" in the Coptic and dealing with the house and it came the present name (al-Minya ) .. 

Celebrates Minya on March 18 of each year's National Day and the anniversary of the uprising and the people of Malwa Dermwas Inspector of Prisons against the English period of the occupation of Egypt, where England waited for a train coming from the south, carrying the English Inspector of Prisons (BOP) including Vhrkoa train it .. 

Minya is divided administratively to 9 administrative centers includes 9 cities, 57 rural local units, and 346 village continued, and 1429 and Nag Ezbet addition to the new city of Minya ... 

These centers are: 

Bell - a shrine built - Matay - Samalut - city of Minya - Abokerkas - Malwa - Dermwas - enemy 

Minya province is a museum and a record of all the immortal historical times that passed by Egypt .. is an exhaustive record of the effects of Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic .. It is the most important effects: 

Mosque Amty - Omari Mosque - Egyptian mosque - a mosque Foly - Than the mountain - a stable Antar - and there are the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Amarna - a mosque minaret oblique - and the Monastery of the Virgin .. 

The most important archaeological areas in Minia Governorate: 

- Alahmonin area (the effects of Greek and Roman) 
- Tuna area of ​​the mountain (the effects of the Greek) 
- Than the mountain (the effects of the Greek and Coptic and Islamic) 
- Amarna (Pharaonic) 
- Bahnasa (Pharaonic - Greek - Coptic - Islamic) 
- Jabal al-Tair (Pharaonic - Coptic - Islamic) 
- The Tombs of Fraser (Pharaonic) 
- Stable Antar (Pharaonic) 
- Beni Hassan (Pharaonic) 
- Brdnoha 

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