Ain Sokhna

Located Ain Sukhna at a distance of fifty-five kilometers south of Suez, Arab Republic of Egypt., Ain Sokhna is one of the most beautiful cities located on the Red Sea and the closest to Cairo. The Al Ain Sukhna summer resort and winter, is the sand beaches of the most beautiful ** **** in the world, suitable for camping. Ain Sukhna and characterized as an excellent location for water sports, fishing, photography, underwater

Due to its proximity to Cairo go to most people in the resort, a day trip last week to the large number of people go to on weekends as it is also a convincing place for fishing and water sports.

The Al Ain Sukhna resort summer and winter, and the region with many aspects of beauty like mountains, high and clear water is the sand beaches of the most beautiful ****** in the world and serve to establish the camps, and the advantage of Al Ain Sukhna as an excellent location for sport fishing, diving, water skiing, mountain climbing and riding cable cars, fishing, and photography under the water.

And rehabilitation of the region in tourism and investment opened by the Cairo-Ain Sukhna in the twelfth of September 2004, after development at the hands of the armed forces, in cooperation with civilian companies specialized.

Stella Di Mare resort of the most famous resorts in Ain Sukhna:

Stella Di Mare resort is affiliated to Swiss Inn Hotels Group, which has 4 branches in the Sinai and alone
This resort 5 stars, and is the closest beaches to Cairo .. Where it away with only 120 kilometers, is located precisely in the name of a new tourist Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea

Ain Sukhna nearest beach to Cairo .. An area not known for the visitors to the Arabs, but frequented by many foreigners and Egyptians .. Because it is close to Cairo and enjoy the beautiful nature of the atmosphere, in addition to the Ain Sukhna is characterized by fishing trips months in Egypt .. Takes you where a large yacht at sea from the first day, etc.

I suggest to everyone to include this place to schedule during his visit to Egypt .. If you would like to sit by the sea or will not be able to visit Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada for Cairo Baidtan .. Can be Ain Sukhna resorts many good alternative.

In addition to the presence of other resorts, such as:

Palmera Beach
- Ramada el Sohknaa
- Romance Hotel
- Mena Oasis
- Amigo Resort
- Palma Abu Sultan
- Pharao

Pharaonic areas Sokhna
Archaeological mission found the Egyptian-French joint archeological discovery is important in Al-Ain Sukhna (120 km east of Cairo), the words for the remains of an entire city due to the Middle Kingdom (2061-1665 BC)., It is likely that it was an administrative center in that period.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, said yesterday that the Egyptian mission French revealed nine stores and three narrow corridors, surrounded by a rectangular building is due to the Pharaonic era itself (Central State), pointing out that the archaeological excavations in these stores to reach a wide range of pottery carved with the names of the kings of the Fourth Dynasty (2649 2513 BC). and fifth (2513 2374 BC).. Mission also found a set of cedar wood panels for ships used by ancient Egyptian in his travels across the Gulf of Suez to gain access to the Sinai Peninsula where turquoise and copper mines.

On the other hand, noted George Cassell, President of the French team, that the initial studies on the stores discovered, showed that it was divided into two parts: one for the storage of vessels and cords of their own, and the other to store the pots. Amid the stores found on the Mission rectangular building area of ​​600 square meters, consisting of several rooms and corridors, which confirms that the main building of the Group stores.

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