Minya Governorate

Is one of the governorates of Egypt's important is gaining importance from its location midway between Upper Egypt and Cairo, and also for the content of the traces of different eras Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic ... the east by the Red Sea Hills to the west of Western Sahara, on the south by the governor of Assiut, and the North the province of Beni Suef, Minya Governorate ... extends along the length of the Nile River about 135 km .. 
An area of ​​about 32,279 square kilometers and a population of around 3.686 million a breeze ... 

In the Pharaonic era used to worship the god (Thoth) The god of wisdom and knowledge, and in the Coptic era built the Church of Our Lady .. 
The evolution of the name of al-Minya of the word hieroglyphics (banned), the owner of the old name (banned Cheops), who was mentioned in the inscriptions of graves Beni Hasan is the name of breastfeeding King (Cheops), then the evolution of the name to "Monie" in the Coptic and dealing with the house and it came the present name (al-Minya ) .. 

Celebrates Minya on March 18 of each year's National Day and the anniversary of the uprising and the people of Malwa Dermwas Inspector of Prisons against the English period of the occupation of Egypt, where England waited for a train coming from the south, carrying the English Inspector of Prisons (BOP) including Vhrkoa train it .. 

Minya is divided administratively to 9 administrative centers includes 9 cities, 57 rural local units, and 346 village continued, and 1429 and Nag Ezbet addition to the new city of Minya ... 

These centers are: 

Bell - a shrine built - Matay - Samalut - city of Minya - Abokerkas - Malwa - Dermwas - enemy 

Minya province is a museum and a record of all the immortal historical times that passed by Egypt .. is an exhaustive record of the effects of Pharaonic, Greek, Coptic and Islamic .. It is the most important effects: 

Mosque Amty - Omari Mosque - Egyptian mosque - a mosque Foly - Than the mountain - a stable Antar - and there are the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Amarna - a mosque minaret oblique - and the Monastery of the Virgin .. 

The most important archaeological areas in Minia Governorate: 

- Alahmonin area (the effects of Greek and Roman) 
- Tuna area of ​​the mountain (the effects of the Greek) 
- Than the mountain (the effects of the Greek and Coptic and Islamic) 
- Amarna (Pharaonic) 
- Bahnasa (Pharaonic - Greek - Coptic - Islamic) 
- Jabal al-Tair (Pharaonic - Coptic - Islamic) 
- The Tombs of Fraser (Pharaonic) 
- Stable Antar (Pharaonic) 
- Beni Hassan (Pharaonic) 
- Brdnoha 

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Assiut Governorate

Dear Guest tourist ... 
You will complete our visits to the provinces and the cities of Egypt, together Sntjol exactly where exactly where the archaeological and tourist and entertainment .. through a tourist trip to Egypt, which we promised, which you will add a fun tour, tourism in all parts of Egypt - Egypt is the minimum - 
In this journey you will travel fast our guests to the province of the governorates of Egypt, which called at the bride .. 

Assiut Governorate: Located on an area of ​​120 square kilometers, with a strikethrough River Nile in Upper Egypt, such as giving them a luster and beauty unmatched .. 
Bounded to the east the mountains of the Red Sea, the west by the mountains of New Valley, and north-Minya Governorate, on the south province of Sohag .. km Asyut province, about 375 km from Cairo .. having an international airport and an internal transport tourists into and out of and the Railway Station, Egypt 

The ancient Egyptians held city of Assiut on the banks of the River Nile and its name was at that time Ciot which is derived from the word "equal to" meaning "guard" in ancient Egyptian ... 

Was in the era of the Pharaohs base for the region XIII and was inhabited by the King's Deputy in that period, and in the era of the Greeks divided Egypt into the Delta, Egypt Central, and Upper Egypt, and was Assiut, capital of one of these sections, as was the capital of north in the era of the Romans n In the era of Muhammad Ali Egypt was divided into seven states, one of which includes Jirga, "a province of Sohag, one of the centers now," and Assiut, and was called the first half of the Northern capital, and Assiut ... 

Assiut of the oldest provinces in Upper Egypt and the largest, it is Plateau western province of Assiut start the most important caravan routes old between Egypt and Sudan, "Darfur and Kordofan," by the path of forty, and was this way - until recently - a big impact in the history of Assiut in terms of commercial and industrial and, on the plateau are the Middle Eastern and stretches it Assuit Valley and has the most important tourist destinations, a "protected Assuit Valley" 

Assiut governorate consists of 11 center, and 11 cities and 52 rural local units comprising 235, 971 Ezbet village and hamlet 

Assiut centers, namely: 

Dairout - Assiut - Badari - Qusiya - Obotej - Sadfa - Obnob - Ottoman - Conquest - Manfalout - Sahel Selim 

National Day of Assiut Governorate: 

Celebrates Assiut National Day on April 18 of each year, and due date of the anniversary of the revolution built Adiat, which lies at the tip of Western Sahara Manfalout, where the revolution was built except against the French under the leadership of Sheikh Hassan Al-Khatib, who is said to be descendants - caliph Omar Ibn Khattab - Caliph of the Muslims. Was the people of Bani Adi sent groups to the Nile to attack the French ships, and led by Sheikh Hassan Al-Khatib and Sheikh Abu infection and Sheikh Mohammed of Morocco, and about 450 of the Egyptians, and about 300 of the Mamluks, and the General "Dafoe" means built except to grab it and occupation, and when he arrived found the people all have the arms, and strive the people in defending against attacks from the French army, and fought a furious battle in the streets of the village and in their homes, which turned out to be castles military to fight the French army next to the occupation of the village, and the battle ended in the failure of the French army to enter the village (built Adi) resorted French to burn the village fire and around their homes to the flame of the fire and not otherwise able to enter the French village .. 

Of Assiut cultural heritage of different ages .. from the Pharaonic era, the Roman era, the Coptic era, from the Islamic era .. 
There is the civilization of gunpowder East Center Sadfa .. 
There Assiut also the effects of the Mir - the effects of short-Amarna - the effects of Mount Assiut west - the effects of Der Riva - the effects of write-off - boards pictures of the city Akhenaten - the effects of com house in Arab Amayem - effects Alhamaih - the effects of estate Yusuf - the effects of Der Aljibraoy - the effects of Arabs Alattiyat - the effects of Moaabdah .... 

There are also maintenance: Deir al-Muharraq Baqusih - the Virgin Mary Monastery - Monastery of Saint Sarabamoun - Monastery of Martyr Mina commentator famous monastery - Monastery of Saint Tawadros - Monastery of Our Lady - Deir Anba Tadros .... 

There are also signs of a famous Islamic maintain ... 

Olokuil - bathroom Fixed - Vntrh Majzoub - Cemetery Majzoub - Institute of Fuad I - Jalal al-Din mosque Suyootee - Mosque of Abu eyes .... 

There is also the Museum School for Peace, and protected Assuit Valley, Assiut Barrage, the permanent exhibition of the Regional Commission for the revitalization of tourism, tourist camp, tourist Assiut Marsa, Marsa Horus tourism ...

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Fayoum Governorate

Dear Tourists ... Guest!! 

Stroll your various regions of Egypt's beautiful north, south, east and west of the sending of fun and joy to your heart through your journey with us cruise to Egypt, a land of history and civilization ... no region or province, but with a history ancient and modern famous for it ... from here will travel to you our guests Dear to the province of Egypt's governorates beautiful, the sense of this journey daily travel day from morning to sundown to get back to the headquarters of housing and accommodation, and its proximity to Cairo ... this province is the province of Fayoum!! 

Fayoum Governorate: 

Is one of the provinces north of the level, and is micro-Fayoum is Egypt as it is called by some, due to the many features of life in Egypt ... 

They are located on the canal "Sea of ​​Joseph," and there are an agrarian society and industrial society, as well as having community Badawi .. and there on the shores of Lake Karun community famous for fishing .... 

Because the name "Fayoum" to the origin of the word "day" or "pond water" and historians attribute to the story - the Prophet Yusuf. Peace be upon him - where the process of reclamation of land and planted it there in time ... 

Fayoum is famous for the existence of "Lake Karun" scenic, and "Wadi El Rayan," one of the natural reserves in Egypt ... 

Fayoum is located in the scope of Western Desert southwest of Cairo, and away from about 92 km to be that tourism to the Fayoum Tours daily .. 

The population of the Fayoum, about 2.7 million, and total area of ​​approximately 606 870 square kilometers and the number of 6 administrative positions, namely: 

Fayoum Center - Center Ibshway - Itsa Center - Center Sonoras - Center Tamia - the provincial capital city of Fayoum 

Fayoum is a green oasis, featuring tourism today, as we said at the beginning of our words about it .. and there are cab famous growl, and the whole suspension, and a mosque Qaitbay, and the shrine of Sidi Roby ... 

Register History of the Fayoum province, a particular civilization, grew up on the shores of the lake, which was covered by low .. all of civilization called the Fayoum, the first and second prior to the date ... 

There Fayum fossils of many animals such as elephants, monkeys, whales, vertebrates such as dinosaurs extinct in the Mount Qatrani North Lake Karun ... 

The city of "Ahnasia" capital of the Fayoum old, and the Fayoum part of the county twenty provinces of Upper Egypt. It is called "attracted" means reclaimed land as it was named "Barsopk" means the house of the crocodile to the presence of crocodiles in Lake Fayoum, and because the machine "Sobek" Any crocodile was worshiped in the province of Fayoum in the reign of the Twelfth Dynasty from 1891 until 1778 BC. 

Of the most important shrines in the Fayoum: 

Lake Karun, a nature reserve and was one of the most important areas of duck hunting .. the hotel "Auberge Fayoum" thought and a hotel, "added traveler" for eco-tourism, there is by waterfalls and Wadi El Rayan about 50 km, and was named "Alsellin," a spring of water natural flow of water. .. 

Port Ghalib Marsa Alam city

Port Ghalib Marsa Alam city tourism is one of the beautiful Egyptian cities that have declared an environmental reserve .. And Marsa Alam city spanned the hands of her development to cope with the unique tourist attractions in Egypt and known beauty and wonderful tourist city is a wonderful model of the design, creation and preservation of the environment, culture and diversity of entertainment venues in harmony with pristine nature wonderful.

Marsa Alam is the port and the Centre for Marine Tourism in the southern Red Sea Governorate, Egypt. A small village and the port of rock, which was considered a major center for fishing and cruises, and there are some coral reefs and picturesque places, diving is also available and extends from there to Mount Mailbox in the south and the two villages, the village of Bernice: a small town 178 kilometers south of the short, one of the best places for medical tourism and also the village of Abu Hassan Shazly

Marsa Alam is located 134 km south of the city a short 274 km south of Hurghada and is considered a service center for mining missions, and now began to turn one of the largest tourist cities and this is due to its pure beauty of the beaches and coral reefs and rare fishes
Marsa Alam is the largest private nature reserve dolphins (Dolphin) friend man
It protected the first of its kind in the world's rarest and «protected» «Samadai» on the beach, Red Sea, near the city of Marsa Alam Red Sea Governorate (Egypt east), where 5 thousand Dolphin or more, in a beautiful spot and rare.

There house dolphin or dolphins and the reserve of more than 5 thousand Dolphin «South Marsa Alam Red Sea Governorate», located Marsa Alam south of Hurghada is the future of tourism, and away Samadai for Marsa Alam b «14» kilometers and the sea b «4» kilometers and is the form letter «U» a mess and we know that Samadai previously had been a sanctuary for fishing boats of the currents and the housing for them, but the number of vessels not more than 200 boats, and after 2003 rose to 600 boats are boats that visit the reserve every day, this is what Manager of the northern sector Bmahmyat Red Sea Yasser Saeed said: The «Samadai» was the occasion and place of the Bed of the Dolphin «Vertigo», swim in groups consisting of «5» to 200 Dolphin, and loves to sleep during the day between coral Asamadai, and swim and are active at night, and can work «7» laps complete in the air before diving again into the water, and stated that the female dolphins give birth and nurse their young for a year or more but not give birth to more than 1 or 2 at most.

Port Ghalib

And we come here to Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam city, a wonderful city, which is going for her all the attention based on tourism in all countries of the world, which lies about 280 km from the city of Hurghada, a city full of virgin beauty.

Filled with riches and beauty were in need to fall in love with adventurer lover weave dreams of speaking on the sand paintings. The man believes that the rocks placed on a forgotten beach can turn to the myth of exquisite dreams demolished by humans and adventurers. Here .. I see the beach in front of me woke up the unique imagination of the world's rich .. Raised their curiosity, and blew their desire to take a trip to the old city of the Virgin, which prepared its water clean and fresh air to take them. They are millionaires the world .. They came on the emergence of impressive yachts .. Eager to recreation and fun in a city still beats surprised 

But it is on the ground are different and exciting! The city is closer to the dream of Nasser Al-Kharafi .. Representative of the Kharafi Group in Egypt ..

This region, "Marsa Alam" was a desert full until 1999, when I began the first steps of dream project on sand and rocks. When the Egyptian government started its plan to adopt a serious project which aims to support the Egyptian economy through huge investments, the Kharafi Group is ready to its project to build a huge integrated city with all facilities, resorts and roads and infrastructure .. As well as an international airport facilitates the movement of tourists to visit the area pristine .. New.

Work on the airport in 1999 to end before the date of delivery .. And begins to receive flights since October 2001 and energy now accommodate up to 500 thousand passengers a year ..
There is no faster way to Port Ghalib only through the Marsa Alam International Airport that serves as the international air gateway to Egypt from the south on the coast of the Red Sea since it opened at the end of 2001. From the airport drive to Port Ghalib in less than 5 minutes
There are 3 trips to Egypt for the direct flight from Cairo to Marsa Alam city
For more information on the Marsa Alam International Airport this some information about the airport of your site on the net, telephones and faxes at the airport

Marina Yacht

Marina Yacht Club is a great foundation for yacht tourism, which entered for the first time Egypt in Marsa Alam
This marina is the first yacht marina in Egypt and began its work after the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 141 of 2003 to allow operation of five Egyptian ports for the reception of international yachts. It starts with the first port in Egypt in this area.

When you stand on the Mursi Marina .. You see the giant yachts .. Lengths and sizes .. And operate the marina for yachts under license international companies specialized in the establishment and operation Marenat the world .. So here the high quality of management .. In this first phase depend on the local yacht flying the Egyptian flag .. In addition, we welcome foreign yachts from all over the world.

International yacht
We have here in the marina building is comprised of representatives of all the sovereign powers of passports to the Customs to the security of ports .. The building is equipped to be "an international marina" .. The administration is trying to Marina - of course - to expedite the termination of the proceedings so as not to feel the owners of yachts to any trouble in getting into the city .. Marine and enjoy their trip .. Dealing with this particular type of tourists needs to high levels of service.

 More nationalities engaged in such tourism?

The English are more nationalities lover tourism as well as yachts and yachts from France, Germany, Australia, America and New Zealand, the Netherlands, Finland, Brazil, Russia

The most famous of these yachts
 Some of those yachts .. I mean those beautiful antiques!
50 meters long yacht, which was worth $ 85 million English-made .. Was established in 2004, the name "Aquila".
Yacht "Lady Y" English-made .. Wonderful design.
Yacht price of $ 230 million .. Multi-storey in a unique style!
 Some yacht owners come to the yacht .. And others come by plane .. And sends to his yacht here .. Mostly engaged in diving, swimming, and watch the coral reefs. And some of the trips to the islands here in the beautiful islands, including: two brothers .. Aquamarine ..
Tourists now increasing in number every year, which was accepted after running the international airport .. In 2002, was transferred 150 thousand passengers .. In 2003 he was transferred 240 thousand passengers .. In 2004, been transferred in 387 thousand passengers .. After the establishment of the airport excited other investors and they built three hotels in addition to diving, which Glacier Hotel ..

Amateur yacht tourism

Love sports and safaris .. So they come in with them on the back of motorcycles and yachts are in the desert safari trips.
The objective of the establishment of this unique city is not attracting a large amount of tourists .. It aims to quality .. It is a city that can not come to the wealthy, but a kind of tourism is required .. There are other Egyptian tourist cities offer different levels and satisfy all tastes The "Marsa Alam" and "Port Ghalib" will be for the elite at the level of the whole world.

Ecological reserve
 It is important experience .. And a new type of tourism has not entered Egypt before .. The construction period, hard work and achievement .. I expect to draw Mersa Alam viewed from all nationalities of the world .. It is one of the areas completely clean from the standpoint of environmental .. In addition to other advantages.
It is the right of the city promising .. This giant project that is under the supervision of the General Authority for Tourism Development and the Ministry of Aviation and the Red Sea and Maritime Transport Sector and the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones.