We followed around the clock

Guest .. hello you!! 
I got an easy and analyzed Welcome ....!! After that I wandered in Cairo and saw the streets and enjoyed what possesses the charm of civilization and the beauty of modernity and civil .. and enjoy the nature of civilization and culture through Julatk between archaeological sites and tourism sectors ... it is time to take you on a tour complete the program for your trip cruise to Egypt .. in terms of travel for some hours in order to come to your city of Luxor where ancient civilization and history inherent to Egypt and the people of Egypt, through the temples and archaeological sites and tourist there .. and where the ipod and dance to the music of Eastern and Western music .. also where the program of light and sound, which tells the history of those places with all of the languages ​​of the world. . also after we finish our tour in Luxor will take you to the city of Hurghada, where tourist resorts unique in nature and design scenery .. also dive trips and fun under the water where the coral reefs there, also yacht tourism wonderful ... you will find in the city of Hurghada pleasure and the true beauty of nature and aquatic Hnakourgem comfort and charm of the place, but we will have to take you and also travel to the city of Aswan Taybeh .. where nature and beauty of southern Egypt through the relics and tourist attractions there and fun to ensure the emergence of Nile ships there .. 

All what we mean by these lines is that Nhiok to travel and roaming between the parts of Egypt to enjoy it, and blessed with charming .. and take you from southern Egypt to the north where the bride of the Mediterranean - Alexandria - where named after Alexander the Great ..

 where there are Greek civilization and Roman. . and the fun of the Mediterranean through the beaches .. and will stroll together between the attractions and monuments of various ages in Alexandria ... to take you then to the northern coast where the water is blue and nature sing .. and tourist resorts beautiful .. yes connected and Guest will bring comfort and benefit desired of your trip with us throughout Egypt through the pages humble before you ramble ... ramble through the journey we will give you bit of information accompanied by a picture of the completed painting beautiful Bgena that you painted for Egypt is a country of civilization and long history .... 
Thank you for Tjolkm us on our pages between the lines through the words of the unpretentious ....

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