Alexandria .. mermaid of the Mediterranean

Dear tourist, guest and viewing messages .. After that we enjoyed together warmest days we spent in Luxor w city of Aswan and we moved to the city of Hurghada .. Nstahbk this time to the most beautiful city in history and the oldest city in history, but a city of Alexandria has always called the Mermaid Mediterranean ... Before we talk about Alexandria's landmarks and historical monuments we meet to hear me an overview of the history and the origins of the city of Alexandria: the city of Alexandria is one of the largest cities in Egypt after Cairo, a city where the Greco-s our visited when Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia Racodh small village overlooking the sea Mediterranean impressed by the site, he commanded the engineer (Dinoqratis) in (332-331 BC) the construction of the city on this site and named after him!! where they were building the city of Alexandria in the form of the chess board and was a seven streets INCIDENTAL stretching from the north and south and strikethrough Street Alsoma a street Prophet Daniel Post. 

Alexandria is located north-west banks of the Nile River and extends into Lake Mariot at a distance of 231 km from Cairo road agricultural and 221 km along the desert road. The Alexandria is one of the greatest centers of summering in the Middle East and possibly in the world, where the all the beaches of soft sand and the scenery beautiful scenery along the coast Mediterranean along the 40 km from the city of Abu Qir east to west Sidi Abdel Rahman. 

Includes the city of Alexandria multiple cultures: the Roman civilization, and Greek and Byzantine civilization. The city has a total of Archeological represent all of these civilizations, where the more than 40 thousand artifacts, dates back almost to the beginning of the third century BC to the seventh century AD. 

There is also a column mast Alexandria Bombay: the dubbed this name in the Middle Ages, a granite and a height of about 25 m and was held amid signs of Serapeum in 297 AD in memory of Emperor Diocletian. 

There is also Alexandria Roman Theater: located in an area where com bench near the Roman Museum and the effect is unique of its kind, featuring more than a dozen strips of marble in the form of circular. 

Alexandria also graves com Shokafa: the largest cemeteries Roman Alexandria consists of three floors, carved into the rock a hundred feet deep, dating back to the beginning of the second century AD and is characterized by Bametzaj Pharaonic and Roman art. 

As well as the cemetery Shatby: It is based on body houses the ancient Greek and is composed of entrance, vestibule, bedroom, dating to the third century BC, is located north of St. Mark's School. 

Interment Anfoushi: It is a five tombs dating to the Ptolemaic period third century BC, were discovered in 1901 

Cemetery Mustafa Kamel Rushdie: It is characterized by inscriptions outstanding and the colors bright, which tells the story of the daily life of the dead and their religious beliefs, dating back to the second century BC, which there are four tombs carved in the rock beneath the surface of the earth, and to the north of the entrance to the port of Alexandria near the site lighthouse ancient Alexandria, built in the century Fifteenth and consists of three floors in the system medieval castle inside the museum and the Maritime Aquarium. 

Marsa Abu Abbas Mosque: The Mosque of the major landmarks of the city of Alexandria is located in El Anfoushi Glacier, the largest mosque built on the Andalusian has four domes and a beacon of high-rise. 

There is also the Alexandria Palace Park: where he built over the plateau above the beach of the beautiful beaches of Alexandria, surrounded by beautiful gardens east of Alexandria is located over 370 acres and is comprised of several buildings and was crossing the center of a summer royal family through the ages at the time .. 

Alexandria many beautiful beaches and every beach has the advantage differed from the other, so when you visit you will find yourself unwilling to descent of the sea shore .. all of these beaches: 
Globe - Park - Mandara - Aasafira - Miami - Sidi Bishr - San Stefano - Gilliam - Stanley - Rushdie - Sidi Gaber - Sporting - Abrahamic - In - Out - the suburb of Abu Qir. 

Alexandria There is a lot of museums: 

Royal Jewelry Museum: This museum was held at the Palais des Fatima Al-Zahraa district Zezenya architectural masterpiece, a rare and wonderful includes several rooms with paintings and decorations, statues, a total of jewelry to the family of Muhammad, founder of modern Egypt ... 

Museum of Fine Arts: includes works of art, sculpture, photography, architecture, and is held every year an exhibition of Egyptian and foreign artists, contemporary .. 

Institute of Museum and Aquaculture: 

There is also the Alexandria Palace Gardens Park: an area of ​​370 acres of palm trees and flowers, aquarium and the Museum of the summer, beaches and the tourist hub integrated with hotels, restaurants, chalets and a children's park on the area of ​​about 4.5 acres 

There is also a garden Antoniades: It contains trees and flowers, and a number of marble sculptures designed in Greek style. 

Garden waterfalls: a central park located east of the heart of the city and is characterized by rises and falls and waterways. 

There Alexandria Zoo. 

There Alexandria Center Alexandria University Conference: The complex is situated the cultural and civilization on the area of ​​42 thousand square meters and includes more than a ballroom overlooking the sea - Cafeterias - and has a large hall to receive 1700 guests and is equipped with theater large equipped with all modern hardware, and a number six rooms equipped for simultaneous interpretation to six different languages ​​

Here, in my view, we spent a fun and beautiful will never forget the trip was very pleased and she was an important part of our program in Rgeltna to Egypt .. well what we want is that you will be our guests and Saihina respected had enjoyed in Alexandria, which is actually also Raeetmoha Mermaid White average ... 

And will promise you that we are our dear guests in our journey We'll take you next to the most beautiful spot in Egypt, where nature and picturesque beauty of the unique resorts .. take you to the North Coast to enjoy the water's blue Red Sea and the picturesque beauty of nature .... 

Follow us over time and the hour so we travel together to the North Coast ..... 

The city of Alexandria in northern Egypt and extends on a coastal strip along the 40 km on the Mediterranean coast .. so the advantage of Alexandria Bmassaifaa beautiful, where we invite all to visit Egypt, especially the city of Alexandria to spend Ajazatkm, is characterized by warm in winter and the advantage of the wonders of summer resorts in the summer ... 

Our journey through these pages on our blog will be to the city of Alexandria, as we explained it mermaid of the Mediterranean and Wlwth bright and lantern lighted, sending the light of civilization and originality to postpone the world, it is the most important seaport in Egypt, famous for Alexandria, capital of Ptolemaic ruins of the great multinational, as Alexandria was the scene story historical memorable dramatic Cleopatra was her heroine and hero of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony and Octavius ​​... 

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