Luxor (Tebah - the City of Light - City of the Sun


Connected and the guest Aziz .. After that we spent part of a tourist trip to Egypt - Cairo City - city of a thousand minarets .. Hze take you to the important and interesting and useful take you from your program where the city of Luxor - or the city of Thebes - or the City of Light - or the city of the sun .. Van was our trip to the city of Luxor by train is a very enjoyable trip will definitely where Egypt from Cairo to Luxor train slashing distance of 670 km we go through the provinces of Beni Suef. Minya. Assiut. Sohag. Qana - during our trip by train will see cities and villages of the beautiful rural on the banks of the Nile see from the windows of the train .. As if the journey by air time will be less but for the same distance .. In both Alhlten whether we get to the city of Luxor by plane or train will go down and out just to climb down from the train or get out of the airport feel the warmth of the city and the magic of magnificent atmosphere where it is blessed with the advantage of warm winter .. 

Luxor was called the city (good) in the era of the ancient Egyptian empire, described as one of the poets Greeks city of light and other times they call it the name of the city of the sun .. It combines the glorious past and the present beautiful, where not without their place of ancient Egyptian antiquities dating back thousands of years .. 

Located north of Luxor and Edfu, south of the city of Qus, as bounded on the west city of Armant, bordered to the east the Red Sea Governorate 
And called the city of Luxor, the multiplicity of palaces and temples of a city a magnet for lovers of history and the ancient Egyptian civilization .. 
The city of Luxor, the most important cities in the world of antiques because they contain a lot of ancient Egyptian monuments .. 

The Luxor stores, where the ancient Egyptian monuments contain more than 800 archaeological area and the shrine, which raised one-third of the world is out .. 
The city of Luxor many of the temples and tombs antiquities, including: 
- The Temple of Luxor 
- The Temple of Karnak 
- Bahari Temple 
- The Temple of Hatshepsut 
- The Temple of Deir el-Medina 
- Medinet Habu 
- The Temple of Ramesseum 
- The Temple of Seti I 
- The tombs of the Valley of the Kings 
- Tutankhamun's tomb 
- Tomb of Ramses III 
- Tomb of Ramses VI 
- Tomb of Horemheb 
- The tombs of the Valley of the Queens (the western mainland) 
- Tomb of Queen Nefertari 
- There is the funerary temples 
- The Tombs of supervision 

It is worth mentioning that the opening of the third floor of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, for the first time after its restoration ... It has also produced most of the archaeological sites with the latest electronic devices - with surveillance cameras to prevent theft of antiquities ...

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