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This page you will meet and travel together to the province of ancient Egypt, the Governorates of Qena Governorate ... 
, One of the provinces of South level, a region VI of the provinces of Upper Egypt .. and away from Cairo about 600 km to the south .. east by the Red Sea Governorate, and West New Valley Governorate and the Western Sahara, and is bounded to the north province of Sohag, and bordered to the south province of Luxor. .. 

Colorful names of Qena Governorate through the ages and history, in the Pharaonic era were called "tainted", and in the Greco-called "Kiniuyoles," In the Roman era called "Maximyat," In the Coptic era called "Qouna," and after the Islamic conquest called the "high forehead" until he became Qana name now ... 

The area of ​​the governorate of Qena about 10,798 square kilometers, and the populated area about 1740.72 square kilometers of the total area only .. strikethrough River Nile, which has contributed to the agricultural activity to maintain .. and there are chains of mountains to the east the Red Sea, Western Desert and west ..

Qena Governorate includes the 9 administrative centers, namely: 

Obuchi Center - Center Farshout - Nag Hammadi Center - Center for the stay - Qus Centre - Centre inaugurated - the capital city of Qena Governorate - Keft - Center for critics 

Qena dry climate throughout the year, but very hot in summer and very cold in winter 

Governorate of Qena governorates agro-industrial, is the first in the production of sugar cane, and in industry has four sugar factories and the largest complex of the aluminum industry in the Middle East, also by the cement plant .... and the industrial area Qeft place on an area of ​​... 500 acres .. 

Qena is preparing to put itself on the tourism map of Egypt, after the development of civilization and urbanization, which recently witnessed maintain maintain .. where she won the prestigious Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid al-Maktoum of managerial experience leading Arab .. 

There are plans to promote the theme of preservation in the field of tourism, as thousands of acres have been allocated to establish an archaeological museum to display artifacts discovered ... and also the establishment of a tourist resort on an area of ​​1000 acres ... 
The city of Qena, the tomb of Sidi Abd al-Rahim Alguenaiy, and there are temples to maintain Oumabd Dandara and ISNA, as there is Omari Mosque in the city of Qus the monastery of St. George in Armant ... 

Dandara area: 

Located Dandara and the village of Dandara and this village is located at a distance of 4 km on the western coast of the Nile and the western city of Qena, was built the temple for the worship of God, "Hathor" God of love and beauty, maternity and family when the ancient Egyptians was the statue of Hathor in the form of a cow or a bear centuries cow on the head. .. 

Dandara known in antiquity as "Tantert" or "gods", referring to the gods Hathor and then became in Greek as "Tantris" The Islamic conquest they called the "Dandara" 

And the magnitude of the temple has contributed in its construction more than a ruler, Ptolemy began the third in the idea of ​​building and began construction in the first century BC, and completed part of the Ptolemy eleventh and finished construction in the era of the Roman Emperor "Augts" .. 

It is the most important being overwhelmed by the temple there is a famous drawing representing the Queen Cleopatra and her son from Julius Caesar Sizarryos ... 

The temple contains the columns in the hall on a 24 column on top of each column embodiment of the god Hathor, and the roofs of the temple is famous for the numerous astronomical fees, which includes the tower and still eight inscriptions on the temple walls and Crystal tells the story of the history of this epoch in the history of Egypt ... 

Dandara and includes a wall and historic temples for the birth of the divine ... It is worth mentioning that some of the history books, remember that there was a great Bdanders tower 180 by Koh, intervention in the sun all Koh, until comes the latest, and then reviewed by Tucker to where it started ... 

Area "is": 

They are found north of Dandara, one of the settlements before the era of dynasties in ancient Egypt .. and found on the cemeteries and the ruins and houses from before the era of dynasties, and some tools everyday life in that time .. We have lived the Greeks and Romans in the "is" a period of time and opened under the name "Diospolis Parfa" .. also found in the "is" on the ruins of the Temple of the Ptolemaic Roman, and the "is" of cities, known in Upper Egypt during the Islamic conquest .. and near the "is" The village is located, "fisher", which was found in desert graves dug in the rock belongs to each other governors from the seventh provinces of Upper Egypt ....

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