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There is no doubt when we talk about tourism in Egypt, we must know the location geographically Egypt ... 
Egypt African Arab State is located in the north east of the continent of Africa, bordered to the north, the Mediterranean Sea, bordered to the west the state of Libya, east by the Red Sea, and is bordered to the south of Sudan .. The total length of coastline to Egypt about 2500 kilometers and opened up m the middle about the Nile River is configured so-called Valley of the Nile burst its banks of Eastern and Western, which makes Egypt's mild weather throughout the year .. built on the banks of the Nile, ancient civilizations and great history, including ancient Egyptian civilization, the Roman, Greek, and Byzantine ... making it possesses cultural heritage huge , with the largest cultural heritage in the world .. making it to Egypt Last on the world map in the field of tourism is ranked among the major states, which travel in millions of tourists all through the year .. 

Egypt occupies a great center of the religious aspect and the monotheistic religions, the prophet of God through Moses - peace be upon him - and the shelter of the holy family, as I mentioned in many places in the Holy Quran .. 
Egypt witnessed a lot of battles and military wars throughout history, the beginning of the Pharaonic era through the Roman era and then the Greek and Byzantine .. then Saracens .. 
Egypt has been and remains a pivotal country and has an active role in the Middle East derives from its political and geographic, cultural and civilization throughout history .. and where it is a state rich in cultural heritage, cultural and wealth of excellent geographical location and atmosphere Badie and weather moderate throughout the year, was still intent of millions of tourists from various countries in the world .. 
When you think Guest to visit Egypt to enjoy the blessed, culture and civilization you need a permit or visa to enter these: 
There are methods for the visa .. 
The first method: to obtain a visa from embassies or consulates are scattered in all countries of the world .. 
The second way: to obtain a visa when you arrive to one airport or one of the Egyptian ports .. 
Luxor Airport

                                                                               Cairo Airport
Egypt has a lot of airports, where there by 6 international airports: 
- Cairo International Airport 
- Airport Nozha (Alexandria) 
- Luxor Airport 
- Airport Aswan 
- Airport HURGHADA 
- Sharm El Sheikh airport 
There are also several domestic airports scattered north and south of Egypt .. 
Welcome Your first category and Guest in Egypt - or lower - the second country ...

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