Some features of Ancient Egypt.....1

Tourist places in Egypt
City Stars Mall The largest mall in the Middle East, which is not only the Mall .. But complex Snimat + hotel . Which is composed of three levels and can accommodate more than 4300 car The above ground is composed of 5 floors .. 3 of them for shopping, and 2 others to entertain Floors dedicated to the recreational services covering: Cinema Complex contains 16 display - Garden Family - Bowling Center - an arena for dining - rooms Billiards - Internet Cafe - specialty restaurants - a world-class exhibitions This mall also includes Continental Hotel For your information .. All this within only the first phase .. And the rest of the other stages had not been completed Guests arrive at the mall today to 40 thousand visitors from different nationalities

                    Genant Mall 
Genant Mall is located in Nasr City .. The No. 2 mall in Egypt in terms of beauty and size .. Contains 6 Snimat + arena for Skiing or Skating + more than 300 stores + air-conditioned theme park It also has the sweet shop Tisybas .. Is dedicated to Egyptian sweets .. This shop is owned by the owner of the mall, and has 4 branches in Cairo 
  Sound and Light Show: It is a view is displayed to the tourists in front of pyramids

oOccurs at night when covering black all over the place .. Begins to shed a laser beam on the pyramids and the Sphinx, and then describe each pyramid separately in all languages ​​.. When you are talking about the Great Pyramid is shed by the laser alone Every language has a specific day .. For example, on Monday, are explanations in English, French and Spanish On Tuesday, in English, French and Italian The Arab Vtkon on Thursday .. And with it the same day the Japanese language and English Supply lasts for an hour completely .. 
Khan al-Khalili:

 Is the most famous Muslim neighborhoods of old, which is a massive commercial complex by about 1000 replaced the factory, most of the shops which sell pieces of art hand-made of glass, copper, silver, wood, leather and precious stones such as agate, coral, and you wander in this place you will find Nevsm trapped odors of mint and herbs and incense You will find there are many industries such as wood carving, and works hand arabesques, and the vaccination of wood with mother of pearl, and the inscription on the copper and silver, and drawing on papyrus and stained glass, jewelry making, contracts, and Ivory This is the place established by the Prince owned Jarks Khalili in 1382, which means about 600 years agoTherefore he was named Khan al-Khalili .. Where the word (Khan) is a Turkish word meaning a place or street .. It was formerly named Saffron soil Although the place has existed for 6 centuries but it still retains its youth and renew itself year after year, so that it now displays the latest products from the world of modern fashion, in addition to the Middle fragrant smells in the place which There is a cafe in the Khan Al Khalili of the oldest cafe Fishawy to meet him .. It has existed for 240 years, but the cafe Fishawy months for being the confluence of writers and poets 

Wall stream Eyes:
 Is one of the most important features of Islamic Cairo ..Built by Sultan Al-Ghouri 800 years ago The objective of the construction is to extend Citadel of Salah al-Din water by raising the waters of the Nile Balsoaki fence to stream, so that the water running up to the castle, because the castle was the seat of power in Egypt since the Ayyubid period .. Headquarters was moved then to Abdeen Palace The course of the eye wall has suffered from neglect for several years long after the jobs, for his task, in these days of water up to the castle without him, but now being to develop the advice of the fence and return to his former beauty and Of course, this place does not need a private visit to him .. 
    But you can see if I visited
 the Citadel of Salah al-Din Citadel of Salah al-Din: They are of the most luxurious castles constructed hostilities in the Middle Ages, and the first thought is to build Sultan al-Nasir Salah al-Din 1176 This is the official site of the castle .. By the historical information and a description of the many features of the castle .. 
Castle is surrounded with a number of ancient mosques of the old days of the Fatimid state .. Such as the Mosque of Ibn Tulun ..Sultan Hassan Mosque, which was a more integrated Islamic University .. And the Mosque of Al Rifai .. 
Museum of Egyptian Civilization: Was created in the reign of King Farouk, and contains models, photographs, manuscripts and paintings and works of art and the effects of the Stone Age and the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic This represents the museum features Egyptian life since the dawn of history And now being restored and developed .. Will be held in front of an amusement park on the lake that it overlooks 
Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas
 It is the first mosque in Egypt, Africa, and the fourth mosque in Islam Built by Amr Ibn al-may Allah be pleased with him when he conquered Egypt, which is next to the Roman Church .. Supervised the construction of four companions .. And identified 80 Sahabia kiss .. God bless them Mosque wonderful in its design .. Resemble the design too close to the mosque, and has expanded several times, and the last expansion was in the era of President Hosni Mubarak 4 years ago There in the middle (fountain), or a special place to drink cold water (on the old Ottoman style)Every year 750 thousand in which to pray in Ramadan prayer behind Sheikh Mohammed Jibril, and is now visited by two young people in very good voice, reach us at Ramadan, and find a lot of Filipinos who are studying at Al-Azhar mosque there in this during Taraweeh Is found in Ancient Egypt ..

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