Markets, restaurants and cafes in Cairo

Restaurants + Cafes in Cairo

Qaddura St. - League of Arab States Navy cuisine has a branch in Alexandria, of course, a sophisticated restaurant and clean restaurant is composed of three floors Mnovi St. - Faisal Haram Grill - Kebab - Kofta - bathroom is the most famous kebab restaurants also
Engineers attended the death of Mandi Bethlehem
Wrap up the Tahrir Square - Downtown - El Fouad * Hoda Shaarawi Street, Talaat Harb Square, this restaurant is a tourist and historical
Rami Abu Zeinab
 Sweeter meat Kofta + blades and the kebabs of the most famous restaurants in Cairo
Arab Dokki bath filled with one of the best restaurants
Damietta Engineers - St. Whole Bean - Falafel
Ms. Zainab colt Bean - Falafel
Aftatiri Hussein kinds of pastry Almstlt
Nile steamer s Dolphin - King Abdulaziz St. Gelasat Nile - Barbecue - liver Axanderanih very tasty pre-booked
Vrydez Nile ship fixed in Giza Group Restaurants - American Vrydezacklat + Atlat marine + Snebon + Outdoor Cafe
Vertical behind Farghali Mandy + Gouzee + applied + bean + Tmis
Haty Anas Anas bin Malik field engineers Mandi
Nile Nile Dragon Chinese restaurant is excellent and rewarding clean
Roche and Kandahar 3 El Arab League, Lebanese cuisine + Indian
Justin Hassan Sabri St., Zamalek, French cuisine
Nubian village, the shooting range next to the Hotel Le Meridien Pyramid Joe Belly Dance - Egyptian, Lebanese cuisine
Abu Shakra St. Qasralaini kinds of barbecue + cuisine Egyptian + cuisine Middle Eastern
Abu Shakra St., Arab League
Moon role of the field of Ibn Affan - Dokki all kinds of food
Nile City boat behind the Nile and the Cairo Tower
The place you can see if you stood on the Bridge Kasr El Nil .. You will see from the top
Restaurant studio Msrellemczuyat very Alzivh 3 restaurants in the same vessel
City composite Neil Street, Galatasaray Island 0
Open along the week
Fish Market St., Nile most luxurious restaurants Navy
Flying FSH Agouza most luxurious restaurants, marine
Le Chateau Buildings Nasr - Nile St. - Giza French cuisine + free + French pastry
Antrcot Cafe de Paris Ibn Al Waleed St., Dokki diversity of dishes from all over the media
Papillion, 26 July St. arsenal Center
Cobcetks Syria St., Mohandiseen Chinese cuisine
Andrea Mariotia canal through the pyramid garden taste + bread oven Municipal
Taj Mahal Lebanon St. engineers Kitchen Indian + hot spices
Ship moving Nile Blue Nile-side Cairo Tower Banani Mawal + Moroko Moroccan + Splondond Italian conquerors
Mayor St. - Talaat Harb sandwiches bean + Falafel + Luxury
Farghali St., Arab League ice cream Mounqa
Cedar tribute Arab engineers Restaurant & Cafe
Millennial-side market compromise
Kpabjee Arabian King Faisal St. - Dokki bath Stuffed - Kebab - Kofta
Steamboat Christale Nile Maadi very awe and the cleanliness of eating
Farhat in front of Merryland Heliopolis Grills + bath
Abu Tariq threshold Luxury yummy
Fresh St. Hijaz
Shawarma place of grace for the very delicious + and sandwiches Galleries + breakfast
Rifa BBQ Grill
Aotomarki before Farghali

Name of Restaurant Location:

The tutelage of Cjamap + Jninpmul + Nasr City sandwich
First Mall center of ex-
Haty army at the door of a restaurant Brigade Nazif
Scarpe Nile steamer buffet
Steamer Nile Ancient Egypt to Beijing Palace Chinese Manesterly Joe
Steamboat Vrehot Nile St. Giza oriental cuisine + Falafel + besara + dishes French + Italian + Coffee Shop
Sunset steamship Nile
Saraya Nile steamer - Zamalek
Nile steamer Basha - Zamalek Italian restaurant
Coffee Hussein al-Maliki
Coffee Zahra Hussein
Coffee Fishawy Hussein
Coffee ruins Hussein
Coffee Hussein Naguib Mahfouz
Grube cafe downtown's oldest cafes Egypt
Chilantroh Mohamed Mahmoud St. Joe before the American University of Italian + Italian coffee + all kinds of authorities + sandwiches
Cairo Tower in Cairo Tower revolving restaurant
Pizza Hut, their number 19 000
Abohaidar Heliopolis near the Ramses Hilton mango juice + Shawarma
Villanj Fish Agouza
Steamboat Grand Hyatt Hotel for a buffet
Steamer Nile Nile Maxim
Pharaonic vessel 138 Nile Street in Giza in front of Four Seasons Hotel welcomes you working steamboats Pharaonic Pharaonic dress which makes you feel you are in ancient Egypt.
Steamboat Scarpep for Semiramis Hotel buffet
Faces the sea in front of the International Garden - Nasr City Fish
Falafilo on the Nile near the Happy Dolphin Manial
Luxury Liberation Tahrir Square
Coffee Street intersection to join forces with Syria Shahab
Neighbor Moon St. League of Arab States
Aksprso engineers Syria Street
House your home a wonderful and very rewarding excellent
Fashion Cafe St., League of Arab States engineers
 Coffee Shop is characterized by providing snacks and drinks and argela Arab and décor make you feel you are sitting in an atmosphere of a film where the walls covered in images of the artists as well as for workers Balkovi Shop, which opened on each of them the name of the artist or the Arab world. Cafe blades 17 El Talaat Harb, Cairo
It features a cafe decor feathers of rare photographs of the artists and novelists and public figures were ocean-going over the years.
Restaurant Abu Sayed Zamalek engineers 157 26 July Street in the first two sections - Lutfi Rauf Hassan Sabri Street 14
Zamalek - Cairo II - 48 Sami Mourad Street, Giza
My Girl Next Door restaurant and meeting Mowot ...... Egyptian engineers model open Jowo imagination
Senkeria High Class
Zamalek restaurant Tabbouleh
Restaurant Kabbjee sweeter time after 5 times
Dandasha Coffee Shop Coffee Agouza
Alexandria Coffee Coffee Pyramid
Coffee Coffee Belisaris engineers
Coffee Coffee Dokki de Paris
Quinn criminalized Nasr City Coffee
Bedouin Nasr City Coffee
Nasr City Coffee tales
Votel sufficient Nasr City Coffee
Rigoletto Epica Egypt Nasr City Coffee
Bonn Bosch Manial Bakery Chocolate
Andalusia and the house Eldonts Giza and many branches of coffee
Garden Promenade Cafe Nasr City Coffee
Nobij bubonulus sufficient Nasr City Coffee
Omar Nasr City Cafe Coffee
Kofi JVC to 101 cities victory Coffee
Five Bells Nasr City coffee - which is surrounded by Baalhaddaiq Rowouah
Coffee Krno Wskay Nasr City Coffee
Coffee Carlos Nasr City Coffee
Coffee Coffee Kokhal Heliopolis
Coffee Coffee Harris Heliopolis
Manhattan Heliopolis Coffee
Riforist Heliopolis Cafe Coffee
And Petit Palmyra Heliopolis Coffee
Cafe Corniche near the building of radio and television in the Nile Corniche Coffee
Coffee Danesh near the building of radio and television in the Nile Corniche Coffee
Hard Coffee and Randy Fu enough Babarika near the building of radio and television in the Nile Corniche Coffee
Juices Kassabguy Bridge Kasr El Nil almost after the State Department Nile
Tabbouleh restaurant in Garden City 1 st Latin America - Garden City - Restaurant Sgiron almost eight tables, which only offers a restaurant eating Banani old Old stately décor and rewarding summit in The World
Bill Cafe 17 El Babylon St, Dokki St. certified shop features enough to provide snacks and all kinds of drinks and to spend quality time with friends
Fashion Cafe 61 AM League of Arab States engineers Coffee Shop is characterized by providing snacks and drinks and argela Arab and décor make you feel you are sitting in an atmosphere of a film where the walls are covered with pictures of actors and actresses as well as for workers Balkovi Shop, which opened on each of them the name of an Arab artist or global.
Cafe blades 17 El Cairo Talaat Harb and former astronauts Naguib Mahfouz and Akkad and President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Sadat and now most of the artists, novelists and foreign reporters in Cairo. It features a cafe decor feathers of rare photographs of the artists and novelists and public figures were ocean-going over the years.
Mashrabia 4 Street Nasim Ahmed Egyptian cuisine
Abu just four League, engineers Grill
Neighbor Moon 52 St. Michel Bakhoum, engineers of the Lebanese cuisine
Luxury Liberation 2, rue Mahrouqi - Engineers
Marroush 64 Lebanon Street - engineers Lebanese cuisine
Sheraton Cairo Hotel Casablanca Morocco
3 El Rouche League - engineers Lebanese cuisine
Toscano 34 St. Michel Bakhoum - Italian engineers
Teatro 31 Palm Street - Italian engineers
Not Jazetta 32 Kabiz Street - Italian engineers
Johnny Karinoz steamer Nile City - Zamalek Italian
Al Pacino Al Pacino 23 Jeddah Street - Italian engineers
Smkmk 24 Street Ahmed Orabi - engineers Seafood
Qaddura 66 Street League - engineers Seafood
Jendovlje 80 Wall Club arsenal - the engineers Seafood
Fish Market 26 Nile Street - Steamboat Seafood Americana
Fish Market Restaurant Seafood Conrad
Planet Africa 4 Street Othman bin Affan - the field of Triumph - Heliopolis new restaurant and a very cool restaurant Egypt .. Serves a global, African and Egyptian
Eat at the top of The World .. And its customers from the upper class .. Planet Africa Restaurant name
When you enter you will feel you are in the jungles of Africa .. Where waterfalls, banana trees! Restaurant logo Globe and highlights of the continent of Africa .. And the lion

Important phone numbers in Cairo:

Directory Enquiries: 140 / 141 KFC Delivery: 19 019 Fresh Restaurant: 19 018 Pizza Hut Restaurant: 19000 restaurant chicken tikka: 19 099
Restaurant Smkmk: 2753513 Restaurant Domino's Pizza: 2911717 McDonald's: 19 991
Grand Café Reservations: 5709695 steamers Alfruonip: 5701000

Complexes and markets in Cairo

Market Square Roxy Roxy - Heliopolis shops and commercial complexes
Genant Mall Nasr City, Abbas El Akkad 8 cinemas + coffee + Restaurants
Center OS last Makram Ebeid Street, Nasr City disadvantage after Alsavp but sophisticated
Arcadia Mall, Corniche El Farag Nile if given back to the Ramses Hilton .. And considered the Nile .. Arcadia Mall you will find on your right
Because it is very close to the Ramses Hilton
Restaurants near Old Mafi cinema + cafe
World Trade Center nearby Conrad Hotel
Gardinia Mall Four Seasons Hotel
Ramses Hilton Commercial + Cinema
Popular markets threshold
Market downtown is a few streets converging St. - Talaat Harb - U - Abdalkhalq - U - Adly - u - Sheriff - St. - Kasr El Nil
Replace the sweetness of the Downtown Jalabiyah and Cotton
Kerdasa area close to the pyramid
Shops Kasr El Nil St.
Center Talaat Harb, Talaat Harb St. 4 floors
Complex Kayromul Giza Pyramid Street
Complexes sublime Maadi
Market Abbas El Akkad, Nasr City
Horia Mall market Heliopolis
Omar Effendi cotton products
City Stars, Nasr City Restaurants Cinemas Starbucks Sienbaun Children's Amusement Park
Market Elghoria shops popular market variety
Khan al-Khalili for abyssal Textile + Copper + Leathers
Market St., Zamalek wall League of Arab States brunette shops for shoes and other shops
First Mall, Giza St. - Giza
Roxy is close to Heliopolis and almost in the same shops found in downtown and found some shops in the Ramses Hilton ...
Platinum Mall Shehab Street visit
Street shops League of Arab States.

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