El Gouna

Is the Egyptian tourist resort designs and global Moasat beautiful and exotic charming sight of the eyes ... 

El Gouna resort is located on the coast of the Red Sea, Red Sea, which is a suburb of the city of Hurghada ..  

El Gouna resort away from Hurghada International Airport about 22 km .. designed resort of El Gouna on the group of islands .. 

El Gouna resort is characterized by being a unique position to dive and dive and enjoy the coral reef beneath the surface of the water and the pleasure of watching colorful fish, beautiful ... 

There is the resort of El Gouna Hatian .. I: beach "Zaytounah Beach," Second: "Mangro Beach", and the resort permeates many of the canals, industrial Fine .. which makes each house, villa or beach chalet .. and its canals are the bridges laptop facilitate the movement small resort ... 

There is the resort of El Gouna has 6 districts, namely: 

- Marina District Town 

- Quarter-Mediterranean 

- District Golf 

- Quarter Nubian 

- District Plateau 

- Italian Quarter 

There are resort shops and shopping areas, bars and restaurants of the Fast Food of Eastern and Western appetite, night clubs, the private marina yacht .. 

There are 14 hotels of the resort scores of 5-star hotel with 6 star .. and there are areas of the resort is dedicated to practicing different sports, the resort also has an integrated hospital equipment of his speech .. 

There is also a special resort resort airport, private jets and charter .. the resort is also a small museum and a gallery of Fine Arts and sophisticated digital library all linked at the BA ... 
Dear Tourists ... Guest whenever you visit the resort of El Gouna will find comfort and beauty and will not hesitate to record every moment staying resort your camera special to be mentioned Tiba beautiful you think you will not be able to forget the resort of El Gouna finest and most beautiful tourist resort in Egypt and probably in the Middle East or the world. .. 

Hello to register before your second country in Egypt .. hello dear your guests on the land of Egypt the land of the prophets .. the land of history and civilization, beauty and picturesque natural beauty ...

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