Egyptian Museum

When visiting tourist in Cairo and begin implementation of its tourism the first thing that looms in his Alizen is the Egyptian Museum ... from here we had to highlight though a brief summary of the history of the emergence of the Egyptian Museum: 
Egyptian Museum of the oldest museums in the world, where is Mohammed Ali Pasha - in his tenure - collect all the effects and transfer of value to the museum, then Uzbekiyya (where he was a small house at the old pond Uzbek). 

In 1858 was appointed a person called (Mariette), which was the first Chairman of the Antiquities Department, where the selection of the Bulaq for the establishment of the Museum of Antiquities, was the transfer of the antiquities were found during excavations .. 
In 1878 inundation of the flood zone Bulaq causing the sinking of the Bulaq Museum and the loss of some of the effects .. in 1881, took another person called (Maspero) as Director of Antiquities and the Museum together .. in 1891 was the transfer of antiquities from the museum Bulaq to Saray Giza, and after that was created Museum of the current liberalization in 1902 where the relics were transferred to him from Galatasaray Giza. 
It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square consists of two levels: 

First (Ground): The effects of heavy .. 
The second (upper): The effects of light and complete sets - such as the Group of Tutankhamun 
The museum houses a vast amount of Egyptian Antiquities since prehistoric times until the end of the Pharaonic era, in addition to the effects of Greek and Roman .. 
The most important of those effects which it contains the Museum: 
- Statue of offline Sekhem - Family 2 
- Statue of Djoser - Family 3 
- Statue of Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure Family 4 
- Statue of aper, servants - Family 5 
- Statue SNP Midget - Family 6 
- Statue of Mentuhotep, Neb Ra Hotep - Family 11 
- Statue of Amenemhat the First, Second, Third - Family 12 
- Ka Statue of King Hor - family 13 
- Statues of Hatshepsut, Thutmose III - the family, 18 

- Total of Tutankhamun - the family, 18 
- Treasures of Tanis Group .. 
- In addition to a large group of mummies of different eras .... 

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