City of Aswan

Aswan is the capital city of Aswan Governorate of Egypt's governorates is the southern gateway to Egypt is located on the east bank of the Nile at the First Cataract of the Nile. A population of 200.000 inhabitants. And generally dry weather Aswan. So it is not the usual roofing some rooms Nubian village houses. Aswan was known Psono in the ages of the ancient Egyptians, meaning a market where the trade center for the convoys coming in and out of the Nuba, and then called in the Ptolemaic period the name of the "O" and the Nubians called "Swan."

Corniche El Nile Aswan

Where the Eratosthenes refute the theory of the earth flat and the first account of the circumference of the earth taking the Seine and Alexandria, a center end point to calculate the length of the arc between the two points and the angle of sunlight falling on each of the two cities, including by the Earth's circumference. Eratosthenes was adopted on the sun passes over the Tropic of Cancer (almost passing Aswan) on June 21.

Tourism in Aswan

The city of Aswan and archaeological tourist area, where increasing the number of foreign tourists, especially from Europe and East Asia. Among the most important landmarks


Philae Island: an island located off the city of Aswan known in Egyptian texts as the "father" and meaning of the age of the elephant and are now in the Greek Elephantine where it is believed she was at one time a center for ivory trade, and includes the island Temple of Khnum coupled with a measure of the Nile and cemetery ram Bible and the gate of King Amenhotep II and Trinity Sataat and curse.

Tomb of the Aga Khan: Located on a plateau on the west bank of the Nile River opposite the southern part of the garden plant, was built by Muhammad Shah Husseini Aga Khan III cemetery luxury of limestone and marble and was buried there in 1959 on the basis of his will and the cemetery inspired by the graves of Fatimid Egypt.

Nubia Museum: The museum was opened in November of 1997. Participated in the opening ceremony the heads of a number of friendly countries that participated in the rescue the Nubian monuments and displays by more than 5000 pieces from the effects of ancient Nubia.

Aswan, the most important features:

* High Dam
* Nubia Museum

* Island plants, "International Tropical Garden"
* Tomb of the Aga Khan
* Island of Philae
* Nobles tombs the rulers of Egypt in the Old and modern.


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