El Sharkia

Sharkia province in the eastern province is an old 12 of the provinces of Lower Egypt and the ancient capital (Bobastis) which became in the period from the date the capital of all Egypt. May be the territory of East current name during the reign of the Fatimid state had before it divided into several "Core" small each Orhan stand-alone was then combine them together and named the eastern region because it is located on the east side of Lower In 1315 e dubbed Business East, and in 1527 launched by the name of the mandate of the East. When Mohammed took over the rule of Egypt in the year 1805, the country of Egypt consists of 13 states divided to 7 states in the Lower Egypt, 13 states in the Upper Egypt. And Eastern was one of the states of Lower Egypt and the oldest. And manages the state's Lower employee named "Detector" As instructed Muhammad to the work of a general survey of the clays the country of Egypt in 1813 was divided states to Oktat each headed by an officer on behalf of the Governor of the line and that the organization of work in villages and the possibility of supervision and includes every line on the many ways and all of which Sheikh town or the mayor. In 1816 divided the Western states and the lake, Dakahliya and eastern sections of the eye of each beholder. 1819 Muhammad Ali is the name of the avoidance tasks, the replacement of my job and the Governor Bmomor detector. And divides the country of Egypt to 24 tasks, including 14 marine regions and 10 of the tribal regions, divided the province of Eastern Momureten of the total of the 14 tasks are: 

The first half of East: includes sections of Obkber and Sawaleh. 
Half the carbon East: includes sections Belbeis, Hehia, Shaybah Alinkarip, Aziziyah. 

1829 was annexed East under the banner of the Directorate of the maritime territories after the partition the country of Egypt to the three regions are: the maritime territories, the central regions, provinces Sahidic. 

Regional, and continued its mission in the change and the volatility of both hand location or boundaries or name or functions of dominated by the rulers. By Muhammad Ali in 1833: 

Re the names of geographical regions of Lower Egypt, the old, which was divided by them. 

Modify the limits of most regions of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. 

Replace the name of the tasks given to the regions in whole or parts of it on behalf of the Directorate as well as replacing the name of the officer who was called by the President of the Tax Office on behalf of the Director, and then choose the city or town, which serve as base for each of the Directorate in order to establish the Director and his staff in which to be selected in the center of each Directorate as much as possible and so called East on behalf of the Directorate of the base Bilbeis within 7 districts in Lower and Upper Egypt in the same way each Directorate has under its banner group sections. 
Issued its decision in 1871 opened a speech center instead of a partition on the Lower sections of the directorates will be said center section instead of Obouhmad Obouhmad. Has stabilized to maintain boundaries with its neighbors from the other provinces in the sixties with the beginning of the experience of local government and the replacement of the directorates in the governorates. Take the Eastern Province a unique position among the provinces east of the Delta and Eastern guard the eastern entrance of the Republic is by virtue of its location facing the first shock in each invasion and imported from the east, its unique and mediated by the East Delta is the meeting point of the main transport routes to the provinces in Ismailia, Port Said and Cairo Bank and Dakahlia, Qaliubiya. And its capital city of Zagazig, as there are Zagazig University, has been the land of East is the main gateway to Egypt, which were routes invaders and visitors, and armies and the prophets, they are facing the first shock in each invasion and imported from the East, and welcome every guest, and deposited all the passengers, and its unique position this and mediated by the East Delta is the meeting point of the main roads in the provinces of Lower Egypt. 

Logo taken to maintain conservative white horse, which mediates the hyper-green carpet slogan for excellence in breeding Arabian horses and the occupation of agriculture more spaces in it. 
National Day National Day celebrates the East in the ninth of September of each year to commemorate the pause leader Ahmed Orabi, a worthy son of the village of feline Rsenh Center Zagazig against Khedive Tawfiq Abdeen Square, Cairo, offering the army's demands in 1881. 

Eastern province is a province in the second population at the level of the Republic after the Cairo governorate with a population estimate (for 2008) 5.8 million people, representing 23% and 77% attended the countryside. 

The area of ​​the eastern province 4911 km 2, equivalent to 1,169,285 acres, the second province in the Republic in terms of agricultural area after the province of the lake and the reins Almnzera 824 098 acres. 


There is the status of the ancient city Husseinieh Hagar. 
There is the Museum of Tel Basta city of Zagazig. 
And the Museum of the village leader Ahmed Orabi Rznp microorganisms. 
The Sun Stone 
Tell Basta 
Saft Henna 
Tel Dabaa 
Tel Pharaoh 

The most important cities of the province 

There are cities with historic significance and economic importance: 

Zagazig - the capital of the province. 
Tenth of Ramadan City. 
City Husseiniya 
The city of Kafr Saqr. 
City Obkber. 
City Bilbeis. 
Salhia new city. 
City Faqous. 
Second section Fakous 
City Dearbnegm. 
Village of Mahdia 
City Hehia 

Administrative division 

Eastern province has the following entities: 
13 Center, 
15 cities, 
District 2 (the first, second) 
89 rural local units - 
496 Village - 
4012 heresy and estate. 
Cities and towns: 
Abu Hammad 
Abu Kabir 
Falcon boys 
Tenth of Ramadan 
* Kafr Saqr 
Abu Yassin 
Mashtool market 
City consort 


Eastern province is famous for cultivation of a number of agricultural crops (cotton - wheat - rice - corn - beans - Bngeralskr), and also planting fruit (mango - citrus fruits - grapes - date palm), and also contribute to the cultivation of some medicinal and aromatic plants. 

The most important agricultural companies: 

Turquoise Company of pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural inputs 


Contain East Tenth of Ramadan City, an industrial city contains a number of factories. And by the Centre and the city Obkber and is now one of the largest and the largest industrial areas where the renowned timber, now became famous in the area of ​​the garment industry, which has spread in recent comprises Udayn of garments factories and concerns of embroidery in addition to being a country of large commercial and months, agricultural companies by: company Mary Land for Agricultural Development Bilbeis Street Olokuil new - Saadoun 

Cultural Tourism 

Spread throughout the Eastern Province almost cent archaeological site, according to studies prepared by the Center for Geographic Information of the effects in conjunction with the National Center for Documentation of impacts and, most famous of these sites the effects of the regions of Tell Basta and Hagar. Was Tal Basta - which is located north-east town of Zagazig, now - the capital of Egypt valuable Dynasty 22, and constructed the Maabda to her idol Basti and symbolized by the cat, which was celebrated is a national holiday pilgrimage to the hundreds of thousands from all over Egypt, singing hymns and songs and on the walls of her temple there the names of many of the bones of the kings of Ancient Egypt. Also played Tanis (Tanis) and is located east of the city Husseinieh now play an important role valuable ancient history when it was the capital of Egypt valuable Dynasty 21 and see their huge on the prosperity and importance, where the King Ramses II, the transfer of as much as he stones and statues of them to take them as his capital. The Qintair - of now the Centre for Faqous - home to the rulers of families 19.20 and found out the effects of age City, Ramses II and likely it was the capital of largest empire to the east the old after the forerunner of Ramesses and expelled the Hyksos and chased even Asia. 

Religious Tourism 

Eastern has been host of the prophets, where he lived a valuable boundaries Prophet Yusuf, who settled the land of Josh (and led Tmellat). The prophet Moses, who was born and threw his mother Btaputh valuable painful a section Altanisy for Neil, who is likely that the canal Alsmanp and plucked the pharaoh of Egypt at Tanis and raised in Egypt that came to him God's message and went out to the land of the debtor Qintair until the city fell - which is now known as the City of fitness - and then to the Sinai Peninsula. Here are the Blessed Virgin Mary evade their babies prophet Jesus from the oppression of the Roman Emperor Herod heading to Egypt, taken from the valley of Tmellat route, passing through the Tel unrolled the path of the Holy Family. Eastern was also the first received the light of Islam in Egypt by Amr Ibn El-Aas and took Ms. Zainab, may Allah be the daughter of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, the creation of a granddaughter of Mr. Abbassa headquarters to be established, pending transfer to Fustat 

Sports Tourism 

Famous eastern areas of breeding Arabian horses, which have become a symbol for the information of the province and most important of these areas Taha Meadow and the Isle of Saud and the children happened and Anshass, and produces all of more than 80% of the horses, Arab Republic of Egypt, and held a festival world in the month of September every year involving countries in the world interested Purebred Arabian horses, led by the World Arabian Horse (Wahoo). Known in Eastern regions of falconry and hunting dogs Inshass valuable sand and center Bilbeis Signpost Centre Abu Hammad. Famous gardens and mango, citrus, cactus-month group and palm Doom Sudanese Binchas sand. Conservation areas is also famous for hunting migrant ducks in the pond and pool Abbassa Okiad Center Faqous one of the largest ponds industrial world and a valuable pool Victory Center Husseiniya where they are hunting ducks Alhurcery types of summer and winter, and the vanity and Alzi Albulbol and constituency. As for the hockey team was fifth eastern hockey pride of place in the number of tournaments that achieved at the level of the African continent and reached the twelve consecutive African championship, a record of athletic achievement registered by the international sports encyclopedias. 

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