- After we enjoyed the city of Aswan in all its areas of ancient and beautiful tourist .. move on dear, your tourist to another beautiful city famous for diving and water sports and activities .. 

Took its name from the tree Algrdq which was prevalent in that region, and raised the city of Hurghada the words of the valleys of desert inhabited by nomads coming from the Arabian Peninsula and Alababdeh .. where working fishing! Was the discovery of oil by 1913, and took the famous city of Hurghada the beginning of the eighties, where is known as a magnet for amateur diving, and increased growth and has become one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt .. and Hurghada is divided into three main neighborhoods: 
1 - district scaffold: Southern Red Sea Governorate 
2 - District Dahar: concentrated by the Government Buildings and Commercial Market 
3 - District neighborhoods: Located north of the Red Sea, an area inhabited by most workers isolated the National Institute of Oceanography that was created in 1930. 
- It should be noted that the number of people HURGHADA doubled as a result of investments that have been pumped to maintain in recent years .. 

Dahar district: the city center where the old Egyptian life mixed with the traditional nature of Bedouin, also by the popular markets, shops and fish market, that you find packed with Egyptians are more foreigners at night. 

District scaffold: a scaffold the tourist district of the town where its place of the old port, and has many hotels, shopping malls, clubs and restaurants. 

District Biology: extends from the northern city of Hurghada even Dahar district on the coast along the 22 km on the coast and there are many hotels. 

- Hurghada evolved over the past years as a result of its transformation into a tourist city on the coast of the Red Sea city of Hurghada where he became one of the most famous beaches and tourist resorts in the Middle East because of the tourist value of the nature of the city and because of the increased attention and availability of all basic services to this area .. 

- Exercise in Hurghada are so many activities and water sports of skiing and sailing and diving waters .. where hosts rare species of fish and coral reefs in the beautiful and magnificent colors .. it is most famous cities in the diving world as the training of diving by an internationally approved .. 

The city of Hurghada some tourist attractions and antiquities: 

- Mount smoke Roman ruins, 65 km north 
- Aquarium at a distance of 4 km north of the port of Hurghada 
- Coral reef 
- National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries 
- A unique tourist resorts avant picturesque World 
- Valley Spa 
- Monastery of Saint Aentionius 
- Saint Paul 
- Mausoleum of Abu al-Hassan El Shazly 

** There are Red Sea about 24 island environment is unique flora and fauna and beautiful: 

- Albergd island off the coast of Bernice 
- Giftun big island and small island Giftun 
- The island of Abu beak 
- Island Shedwan 

As Thnbar Red Sea Governorate of the most beautiful diving areas in the world with clear water and beautiful color and Asmake Caabh picturesque reef .. 

** Places Diving Red Sea: 
                                                                                El Gouna
- El Gouna 
- Eastern Coral Belinda 
- The island of Abu ashes 
- The island of Abu Hashish 
- West Coral Belinda 
- South West Abu ashes 
- Island Magawish 
- Love Island Southeast HURGHADA 
- The people of Abu beak 
- The people of Abu diameter 
- The people of Abu Nahas 
- The people or the nest 
- The people or satellite 
- The people of Carlos 
- People Aerov 
- Island Alqnader 
- Abu Critics 
- North Giftun 
- Seoul Grand 
- Seoul Minor 

El Gouna

*** Dear tourist today just as we walk with you when the city of Algrdq beautiful and will take you later to the place of another beautiful adore every tourist comes to Egypt, where the city of Alexandria - which was called by that name attributed to Alexander the Great Macedonian - where the effects of the Roman and Byzantine and the coast of the White Sea average and a lot of comfort you will find in the city of Alexandria .. 
Be with us round the clock to travel together to Alexandria!! 

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