Queen Merritt Amon


 Meritamun - Akhmim - and I mean the white queen or queen Almnat!! 

Means Mert Amon
Beloved god Amon
Mert and Amon
Is the fourth daughter of the UNAMI Ramses II
Of his wife Nefertari

13 m-high statue, made of white limestone. Found on the statue while digging the foundation of the post office in Akhmim, Sohag Governorate until it was exposed to the colossal statue of Ramses II, when the statue is similar to the Queen of the same larger and holds the titles and symbols as it carries - as well as her name is "Meritamun" one of the daughters of Ramses II, which rose after the death of her mother to the status of the wife Nefertari big property. Also known as wife of Ramses II. , One of the Nineteenth Dynasty .. 

Statuette for Meritamun It is characterized by the statue, including commonly when the sweetness of youth and paper smile and some colors, including making it one of the most beautiful issued by the Ramesside period, since he sees wigs Makossa in three braided hair rolling strands blue dye maintained ligament double overhangs it snaks Macllan Btagy Lower and Upper Egypt
And rises above the top of Merit Amun round base surrounded by a frieze of serpents crowned with solar disks had been stable on a daily basis Fashion queens of the sun disk and two feathers Alitin. Includes Costume Queen earrings Mstderin and a broad collar with branches of multiple beads yellow simulates the gold, and bracelets as well as rosettes adorn the chest. As for what grab her hand Vqladp Mnat one of the branches of a number of beads in the form of the goddess Hathor, with the weight of offset, and then the queen priestess holds the rites , as evidenced by the titles Slasal reluctant to death and Mnat Hathor. 
This statue is made of colored limestone and a height of 75 cm, width 44 cm, while the side About 44 cm. And had been found Petrie in 1896, in a shrine north of Queen West Temple Ramesseum and returns the statue to the era of the modern state. 
It is worth mentioning that Akhmim - where the region the ninth state the ancient Egyptian - and there are lots and lots of effects under the premises of the old and densely populated, as well as under cemeteries modern there is a lot too .... and the state tried hard in the transfer of the tombs to the Al Kawthar district, but these attempts are all failed to religious beliefs among the population of Akhmim, the inviolability of the transfer of the dead after burial !!!!?

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